Our 5-star campsite has been specially certified as environmentally friendly In 2009 we were honoured with the “Ecocamping Environmental Management” award which stands for good organisation in the protection of nature and the environment, safety and quality on campsites.


What we want:

to inform guests, employees, lessees and the public about our environmental activities and, whenever possible, get them involved.

to avoid waste and, where this is unavoidable, provide an environmentally-compliant recycling process.

an efficient utilization of energy

to use water sparingly

to avoid pollution of soil and waters

to keep the structure, layout and care of our campsite as compatible with nature as possible

to reduce the traffic burden

use of environmentally-friendly cleaning practices and equipment

to avoid the use of environmentally polluting und harmful substances

to respect nature and the environment in our leisure-time activity offers

to favour and promote produce and services from our region and, of course, increase our guests’ satisfaction by high-quality service